Artistic proposal



“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” J.F.Newton

Since the end of the last century, the boundaries of Animation Theatre have been blurred and its limits have been expanded through an encounter with several others artistic languages. The rupture with the traditional forms of Puppet Theatre is expressed in the plurality of new forms and techniques which comprise what is known nowadays as Contemporary Animated Forms Theatre. In this context the Lambe Lambe Theatre was born in Brazil.

The technique created in 1989 for the northeastern artists Denise dos Santos and Ismine Lima – inspired by the old street photographers called “Lambe-Lambe” – basically consists in presenting a short spectacle that uses animated elements inside a box to only one spectator at a time. Actually, several Brazilian and international groups of animated forms theatre have appropriate this language and enlarged its scenic possibilities.

The exclusive character of the presentation stimulates the curiosity of the audience that craves to unravel the box’s little secret. The proximity that the Lambe Lambe’s box promotes between the spectator, the work of art and the artist causes a fissure in the space-time of everyday life and it invites the audience to a dip in the universe of memories, dreams and intimate feelings.

In this sense it is focused the conception of “Saudade…”, it is centered on the construction of a bridge between the mystery of a short poetic spectacle and each spectator’s subjectivity. Therefore, the creation chooses the simplicity of the scenic elements. Combined in scene are the paper as raw material transformed into puppet and setting, the precise manipulation and the original music establishing what Lima conceives as “a space for looking”.

The word “Saudade”

Saudade is a Portuguese word that has no direct translation in any other language. It describes a nostalgic feeling that brings happiness and sadness together caused by distance and absence of something or someone. It’s also caused by the desire to revive experiences, situations and times gone by.


Made only by the theatrical play between the puppet’s actions with the music and the space inside the Lambe Lambe box, the dramaturgy presents a solitary being who notices a big hole in the chest. Seeking the reason for his loneliness in a letter, the puppet sees himself between staying and leaving, between the expected return and the search for this reason, this person, this time, moment or place that nourishes and satisfies this lack: his “saudade”.

Creative team

Creation and manipulation: Pedro Cobra

Original music: Felipe Zacchi

Assistant: Larissa Miyashiro